Little Red

Simon says raise your hand if you had a little red wagon when you were a child. Now put your hand down. Simon didn’t say! Now back to the subject. Of course you had a red wagon. I had one, you had one, the kid down the street had one, everyone had one. Growing up […]


They’re Back! – After the 2nd worst baseball start ever

While reading through the posted articles at, I found an interesting posting: Chicago, IL (AP)-Chicago’s mob boss [whom we will call “Joe” to protect the guilty] admitted Thursday morning to having been involved in the Cub-napping that allowed the Chicago Cubs to play the second worst start ever in major-league baseball behind the 1884 […]


Wealth, Love, and Chucks

If you’re like me, you probably have an e-mail account. An e-mail account is a sophisticated conversation tool that allows you to communicate with the world. You can send humorous messages, secret codes, travel plans, and information to friends, family, colleagues, and enemies. But, as with any form of communication, there comes responsibility, such as […]


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