My Thoughts were written between 1997 and 2001. During that time I wrote a somewhat regular E-mail and posting site devoted to my self-described humorous essays My Thoughts as well as self-published a book titled I Think, Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts. This site archives most of those essays including those published in I Think, Therefore I Am.

I have taken the liberty of posting here the professionally edited versions from my book as well as reconsidered edits of the original postings that never made it in front of a publisher. Many of the original texts are lost to E-mail in-boxes on dead hard drives.

I no longer write My Thoughts and have moved on in life. Blogging wasn’t in fashion when I started writing My Thoughts, but I like to think of it as a pioneer of sorts. If blogs were commonplace in 1997 this is what My Thoughts would have been, a blog. Now here it is, as it never was, frozen in time.

The Book of My Thoughts

The paper copy of the book I Think Therefore I Am saw limited success despite the following the postings received online and the length of the email subscription list. In 2015 the essays were “re-digitized” (quite literally scanned in and converted back to digital text to preserve the published text) and made available as an eBook. Not because the world needed or even demanded My Thoughts in a digital eBook format, but because my heart desired it.

I do still write and hope to someday publish another book, but for now I do not intend to revitalize the humor essays. I kind of like seeing them available as a snapshot of time. I will, however, as I continue to write short and long stories, add them to this site as I see fit.

Thank you for reading,

-Chad Leigh