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I Think, Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts

Before Facebook, before Twitter, before YouTube and Blogs, the Internet was a spacious void containing My Thoughts, humor essays by Chad Kluck which were disseminated weekly via email and static HTML web pages. In the year 2000 these emails and web pages were bundled and published in a book, the real kind, the paper kind made with dead trees giving a physicality to pages that could be flipped and torn through, highlighted and doodled upon, or used as kindling or toilet paper during times of emergencies and desperation. Fifteen years later these essays have been digitally re-mastered, restored to their original format of 1s and 0s as they were originally conceived and intended.

Within this eBook Mr. Kluck finds an abundant catch when he dips a net of satire into the mainstream of secular life. For example, one might ponder the conspiracy exposed by the poor performance of the 1997 Chicago Cubs baseball team. And "Santa Claus, Saint or Felon" is a must read, as well as "Fixing the Y2K Problem." This digital edition is complete with redacted text, numerous nested parenthetical phrases, and two bonus essays which did not appear in the original print edition.

Here is a chance for readers to again experience what the author’s email correspondents enjoyed before blogging and social media became mainstream and tedious.

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I Think Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts (2000 Edition - Print) Available from: Amazon (Paperback) and Google Play (Digital Copy)

I Think Therefore I Am: A Collection of My Thoughts: Re-Digitized Edition (2015 Kindle Edition) Available from: Amazon (Kindle eBook)

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