As The World Groans

These are the collection of essays written in Soap Opera form. In all, there were three episodes, two published in the book, I Think Therefore I Am.

As The World Groans Episode III

It is now time for another As the World Groans. When we last left Barnes, he had poisoned his mother Mrs. Gilgor and revealed that his fiancée Lisa was actually his mother’s arch nemesis Heather, who had killed three of Mrs. Gilgor’s husbands, including, but not proven, Frank, whose spirit inhabits Mrs. Gilgor’s mansion.  Lisa […]


As the World Groans, Episode II

One concept that soap operas do not have is time. When a week passes in our time, or normal time, only a day or so passes in soap time. If you have been a long time reader of this column, you may remember about a year ago when I wrote a soap opera called As […]


As the World Groans

I’ve never quite figured out soap operas. As far as I know, they all deal with crooked people, terrorists, someone getting lost, a wedding with a disaster, and some other weird situation. I will admit that they can be addictive. I was really starting to enjoy and follow them when I realized, hey, I’m not […]