As The World Groans Episode III

By Chad Leigh Kluck on

It is now time for another As the World Groans.

When we last left Barnes, he had poisoned his mother Mrs. Gilgor and revealed that his fiancée Lisa was actually his mother’s arch nemesis Heather, who had killed three of Mrs. Gilgor’s husbands, including, but not proven, Frank, whose spirit inhabits Mrs. Gilgor’s mansion.  Lisa and Barnes are now near the spot in the woods where she buried Frank.

“Dig here,” Lisa said pointing to a spot on the ground.  Barnes took out a shovel and started to dig.

“Hiding something?” came a voice.

Barnes stopped and looked around, a spotlight then shone on him.

“Who’s there?” asked Lisa.

“You remember me,” said the voice. “In fact you are standing right on top of where you buried me.”

Lisa looked around, “Frank?”

Frank stepped out of the brush.

“I thought he was dead,” Barnes remarked to Lisa.

“Oh but I’m not,” Frank smiled.  “You see, I’m a magician, but you didn’t know that.  How could you, that was my former life.”

“You’re reincarnated?” asked Barnes.

Frank snickered.  “No, idiot, ten years ago I was a famous magician, it was before I met your mother.  I performed great feats of escape, some said I would be the next Houdini.  For the past year I’ve been, quote end quote, haunting your mother.  Trying to make her go loony.  It worked because sometimes we passed each other in the hall and she did not take notice.  She even conceived a child and thought nothing of it.  Your mother was not that smart.”

“Leave my mother out of this!” screamed Barnes.

“What?”  laughed Frank, “You killed her and you are saying that to me?  Besides, didn’t you listen to what I said?  You have a sister.”

“I do?”

“What are you getting at?” asked Lisa.

“Your plan of riches won’t work.  His sister inherits all the money,” remarked Frank.

“Who and where is she?” Lisa inquired.

“You don’t think I’ll mention the whereabouts of my own daughter do you?” snickered Frank.

“What’s it worth to you?” asked Lisa.

An evil grin came to Frank’s face.

When we last left Charlie his business partner, Vanessa, injected herself with poison when his wife walked in on her attempt to kill him.  Then Charlie’s wife explained the difficult two days his coma had put her through.  She was going to kill him and leave for Rhode Island with their children and some guy named Jeff.  As she injected the IV with the poison Charlie woke up.  She had to think quickly, stop the IV before the poison killed him or let him die so she could start a new life.  Jeff was a dream, and perhaps it was time to start a new life, but she and Charlie had been married for sixteen years, had three wonderful children, plus he always put the toilet seat down. She yanked the needle from Charlie’s arm and he let out a scream.  She hugged him and cried.  “I’m so happy you are alive!”

Charlie had a look of pain in his face as he tried to put on a smile.  “Who’s Jeff?” he asked.

“No one,” she replied.  “Vanessa was here to see you.”

“I think she poisoned my drink.”

“Why would anyone try to kill you?”

“What’s that syringe for?” Charlie asked looking at the object in his wife’s hand.

Ten seconds ago (though it was two episodes back) Jamie’s fiancée, Jack, pushed her down a cliff while taking a lovely walk through the woods on a nice afternoon.  Jamie is crawling towards quicksand.  She does not notice and crawls in headfirst.  Her fiancée watches from atop the cliff and runs away happy, the body is now taken care of and he cannot be a suspect.  Or can he be?  There is an old gentleman watching the situation in the brush.  As soon as Jack leaves his sight he rushes out to the quicksand to grab Jamie.  Will he save her in time?  Will Jack get away with it?  What will happen with Charlie and his wife?  Will Frank betray his daughter for riches?  Find out next time on As The World Groans.